Fundraising Art Exhibition in London

On Thursday 13 February at 7 pm, you are invited to a “Learning to look differently at our surroundings” art exhibition with drinks, snacks, music and games. Artist Christine Burkhard writes:

“Forget about Christie’s and Sotheby’s. They are a joke in comparison to what you will find here! Why this event ?

  • To gather great people and have lots of fun;

  • To show to the world the amazing art work my students have done;

  • To raise money for my favorite charity, ATD Fourth World. They really do a tremendous job helping people facing difficult times in life.

  • To say bye bye to c&b ART in London. (My next stop will be Ghana.)”

Buyers can fix the value of each work. Starting price is 1£. Five framed works will be sold to the highest bidder with the starting price of 25£.

Venue: c&b ART-London, Spice Quay Heights | Flat 107 | 32 Shad Thames | SE1 2YL

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