Friends, Allies & Supporters Network

The Friends, Allies and Supporters Network provides vital solidarity, support and friendship to the ATD Fourth World team and our projects.

Being a friend and supporter of ATD Fourth World can involve anything from helping out at a Family Learning weekend or doing a sponsored bike ride to offering new project ideas, writing newsletter articles or making tea. The Friends and Supporters Network is currently active in family support, fundraising, partnership initiatives and creating new ways of supporting the team and one another.

“I love being part of the Friends and Supporters’ Network as it allows me to stay connected to the families and the members of the Volunteer Corps at ATD Fourth World whilst maintaining a full-time job,” says Elizabeth Naumann. “I have been involved in looking after children on boat trips, visiting isolated families in their homes, running fundraising events, baking cakes for jumble sales, travelling to France for seminars, supporting people in poverty to train social workers about the realities of living in poverty and have even played the wicked witch in the annual Christmas pantomime! What impresses me the most about ATD Fourth World are the genuine relationships which are created between the Volunteer Corps members, the families and the friends and supporters – everyone is truly respected and works together to fight poverty.”