Community Outreach / Peer Support

ATD Fourth World has long sought to instil in the most vulnerable families the confidence to engage in community life and face their challenges as a key component in the fight against poverty.

Central to achieving this goal is a commitment to reaching the hardest to reach families and recognising the roles they play in their neighbourhoods and communities, supporting them through crisis and strengthening their support networks.

Using a family-led approach, we help professional agencies engage better with the concerns of parents and children and increase families’ access to local support services as well as social and cultural activities while, at the same time, introducing families to ATD Fourth World’s family network provides solidarity, advice and understanding from peers who have faced many of the same struggles.

In so doing, our Community Outreach and Peer Support project strives to tackle the issues that surround persistent poverty and social exclusion such as social service intervention, limited employment opportunities, debt, insecure housing and poor health.

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