Volunteering with ATD

There are many opportunities for volunteering with ATD Fourth World, both working directly with families in poverty or supporting those who do. These opportunities vary widely and are tailored according to availability, background, wishes and skills. So, whether you want to share your talents, work with othersm or support our events, you can get involved.

In the words of Charlie Spring, “Volunteering with  ATD  has been a time of true learning and growth. Every day brings new and varied tasks, and it is highly motivating to work in an organisation that allows individuals to work according to their individual skills and interests. My role has involved: creating, researching, discussing, evaluating, planning, writing, travelling, protesting, and building relationships. I have been inspired by the demands for change from those experiencing poverty, their passion and knowledge about the realities of inequality in the UK today and by trying to enable them to speak truth to those in power about the experience and subjectivity of joblessness and exclusion. It is not just work but an opportunity to share, communicate and learn from those around me.”

Eliott Sistac said about his time volunteering with ATD:

“I think it’s important to think outside the box and look at the different ways by which people can express themselves and raise awareness on certain issues.”

To read more about Eliott’s experience, please click here.

Zia Maxwell remarked:

“It was refreshing to be part of a project where people with lived experiences were able to voice their opinions, without a primary focus on the work of researchers.”

To read more about Zia’s volunteering experience, please click here.

To learn more, please contact atd@atd-uk.org.

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