‘Separating Families Causes Trauma’: The Way Forward

On 14 February 2022, the Parents, Families and Allies Network, of which ATD Fourth World is a member, published “Children’s Social Care: The Way Forward” in response to the current Independent Review of Children’s Social Care.  In the BBC interview below, parent activist Taliah Drayak presents key findings from this report and relates them to her personal experience having had social workers remove her two-year-old from her custody for a year before returning the child and admitting that it had been wrong to remove her. She says:

“It’s scary and how do you explain that to your older children, to your youngest child? There is no support for parents going through that, and there’s not a lot of support for siblings, or even that child. We need to look for ways to keep families together while we’re working through mountain-sized challenges because separating families causes trauma and harm.”