Frimhurst: A Place of Freedom

A short film celebrating the work of Frimhurst Family House as a sanctuary where families struggling under the weight of poverty can rebuild their lives in dignity, free from stigma and discrimination. At Frimhurst, families living in poverty can enjoy a wide range of activities alongside others in similar situations. Frimhurst is a place to share experiences, develop supportive relationships and form new long-term friendships. This network of support is essential in recognising and building upon the strengths of a family, while working alongside them in overcoming the challenges they face and promoting societal change. The film features the voices of people with first-hand experience of poverty and hears them speak from the heart about why Frimhurst Family House, the location of ATD Fourth World’s residential programme, is such a unique and important place. Made to mark the sixtieth anniversary of Frimhurst Family House, Frimhurst: A Place of Freedom was produced for ATD Fourth World by journalists and film-makers Ofelia de Pablo and Javier Zurita.