Please support the well-being of people in poverty

‘With Covid, we see that we have to embrace every possibility because we never know what might happen next.’

— A mother of two

Most people are increasingly worried as the pandemic wears on. People who were already struggling with poverty before Covid have felt the stress of lockdowns compounded by overcrowded housing. They are more isolated than ever because of the digital divide. They are concerned about the limited choices they have for making Christmas a festive time for their families.

Through our “Getting Away From It” project, ATD Fourth World has long offered families and single adults time away from the day-to-day pressures of living in poverty, as well as an opportunity to share experiences, strengthen relationships, and form new friendships. Throughout the lockdowns, we developed socially distanced ways to continue this well-being project, but nothing can replace outings and holidays for people living constantly on the edge.

‘Your mind is free of problems’

Since last summer, we have been organising outings and small-scale residential breaks for children, young people, and families, always taking care to respect anti-Covid measures. In link with other aspects of our “Together in Dignity” programme, these opportunities enable families to feel part of a wider community. They provide a foundation for the longer-term relationships families need in order to tackle more challenging issues. As the mother quoted above told us:

‘Poverty is a disease. Before joining ATD, I was in a very dark place. The lockdowns have been tough on my family because of my daughter’s special needs, and this new environment is very strange to us. But now that we are connected to ATD, things have fallen into place. We have more interactions with others.

‘The support is amazing. People are so caring and considerate. Frimhurst is like a paradise. Your mind is free of problems and worries and you forget everything else.’

Please consider donating to support the well-being of families and adults in poverty

ATD Fourth World continues to support people whose lives are the toughest. Knowing that the effects of Covid-19 will be profound and long-lasting, please consider regular giving by standing order as a way of reinforcing this support.

Here are a few ways your gift makes an impact:

  • £5 covers one person’s travel costs for an outing to a park or cultural institution.

  • £28 covers the cost of two hours for one of our core team to organise games for children. As an act of solidarity, this team of highly skilled and qualified professionals all agree to work for only the London living wage of £10.85 an hour, £14 with overhead costs.

  • £150 purchases groceries for home-cooked meals during a well-being break.

  • £300 supports the technical and staffing costs to prepare every aspect of an outing or residential activity, including many home visits.

  • As we all keep going, £500 helps keep our lights on and our staff and houses cared for.

Any amount, great or small, will make a difference to the life of a family. Your generosity is appreciated and will reinforce the resilience and courage of families in poverty in these tough times. To make a one-time donation or set up a monthly standing order, please click here.

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