Message from Isabelle Pypaert Perrin – World Day for Overcoming Poverty – 17 October 2017

Dear friends,

We are pleased to send you the International Leadership Team’s message for the 2017 World Day for Overcoming Poverty. It will be read aloud at United Nations headquarters in New York on 17 October at 2:30 p.m. local time.

You can also click here to read on our website the message from Mr. Cassam Uteem, president of ATD Fourth World.

Thirty years ago, Fr. Joseph Wresinski stood before 100,000 defenders of human rights to inaugurate a commemorative stone in honour of the victims of hunger, ignorance, and violence. This became a unique place for the voices of people in extreme poverty and all those in solidarity with them. This year, with the public #StopPoverty campaign, the public expression of resistance to poverty is gaining influence. We now have Stories of Change, the Playing for Change music video “With My Two Hands”, and a WebTV broadcast. There is powerful content in these tools that we can use on the 17th and in the years to come to engage people in learning from those who live in extreme poverty and to spark new commitments.

With friendship


Message October 17th 2017